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Captive Male

This is another fem dom movie site that features a large video database of men suffering at the hands of their mistresses.

It is quite similar to Men In Pain, except that they use many new fetish models.

Lots of fucking and balls torturing, but not to the extent where you will say "Oh please...that's way too extreme for me!".

I mean, come on...let's be human here! We all know what we like to see, enjoy to see and what we don't!

Captive Male

Let's take a look at the boys here!

Watch how they suffer and scream in estacy as they submit to their goddess! This video pack website features some of the best bondage that men can handle...or can't...hehe!

Click Here To Enter Captive Male!

One of the best thing i like about this movie network is the fact that they allow their viewers or members to vote!

That's right! All members have a say as to what they think about the scenes, the sessions, the bondage, the torturing and more. So, as a member...i kinda appreciate that!

You can vote on the movie itself and you can also participate on their forum and tell them what you like and dislike in the hopes that they will make it better in the future.

If you ask me, i do enjoyed most of the movies and it has alot to do with the reactions from the slaves, the expressions on their face when they have their nipples clothespinned, their ballsacks tied up in unsual, but acceptable ways and how about when their asses gets fucked by hot mistresses wearing strapons!

I mean, i'm starting to really enjoy it!

Check out some of the pictures from the site.

Let's face it, we've all seen steamy hot porns where men gets their way with the chicks and cums whenever they feel like it.

But this my friend is a totally different story. The woman gets the say and orders the male slave to do whatever she pleases and that includes fucking, her, licking her off and all that while he's not allow to cum.

And when the mistress is happy and had enough of him, that's when he's allow to get some sexual release and he must follow to avoid any harsh punishments and humiliations.

Even if he doesn't want to release, she can make sure he is forced to cum and cums well...HAHA!

Yes, they treat men like dogs!

So, for this....i'll give this site a 91/100 and won't hesitate to give more when they have more video shoots posted. I like to see some varieties say wax plays?

Click Here To Enter Captive Male!

But seriously, i think they do charge a fair price at $17.95 per month base on the number of shoots they have. If you look at other sites that offer similar content...they are charged more expensive with a just a slightly larger database.


If you really want a bargain...then i believe this is it!

At the moment, they are offering a special pass which allows you to access 3 quality sites for just $39.99. Don't worry, they're not those bonus crappy sites like the ones you've seen before. These are real major movie sites that contains hours and hours of shoots!!!

Anyway, i just thought it was worth mentioning here.

Reviewed by Angela XOX!

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