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China Bondage

This oriental site shows some interesting bondage and torturing techniques used in the eastern countries.

Quite a number of chinese girls featured in the movies.

This is interesting, because as far i know. Most chinese women resent shooting porn, let alone shooting bondage porn. So, you are very lucky to be able to view these movies.

China Bondage (Rating: 87/100)

One of my friend told me that this is the only site where you'll see real chinese girls in bondage.

Not bad...i must admit...but i believe there are still room for improvement!

Click Here To Enter China Bondage!

Hey tell me something...

Are you able to distinguish the difference between different asian nationalities?

What i mean is say....a korean girl, an indonesian girl, thai, japanese, malaysian and so on...

When you look at an asian girl, are you able to tell straight away which nationality she is?

Well...for me, i can't seem to seperate the majority of them. Can you???And what about girls from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan?

Oh...Please Fuck me!!!

But you know what? I've got a chinese female friend who can tell where the asian girl comes from by looking at her face. Quite amazing...isn't it?

I think so...but she said that it was easier for her because she is an asian herself.

Anyway, i don't think we should care too much about where the girl comes from. As long as they have a pretty face and sexy body...i'm willing to watch her!

Here are some of the photos from the site:

Click Here To Enter China Bondage!

One of the thing i like about this website is the fact they use some UNSEEN BDSM techniques to torture their slaves. There is this technique they called the "tigers bench" and it's a type of foot torture, which i find pretty unusual.

Anyway, you'll have to see it to believe it!

I'll give this site a 87/100 and i must admit, it's not often we can see real chinese girls doing porn. And now that we have bondage in it as well. This alone is worth the price of the admission ticket!

Reviewed By Angela XOX

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