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If there are higher beings watching over us from above, then they must have heard me.

From time to time, i have complained about the lack of fucking machines being used in bondage movies.

Then i stumbled on this site.

Without a single hesitation, i subscribed their membership and i must say they almost fullfilled a fantasy that i have been craving for a long time.


If you're like me and can't get enough of bondage with forced fucking orgasms, then you should definitely check out the videos from this site!

The sensation of being forced to cum by fucking machine is really something compared to ordinary buzzing and vibrations.

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Alright, let's just pretend for a moment that you are a girl...well...a female and like most of us, you want sexual satisfaction.

You crave for a strong and powerful orgasm that will make you scream, your body shake and your toes twirl.

However, your male partner never seems to be able to take you there and everytime you're about to reach that climax, your partner seems to cum before you...just ahead in that knick of time.

Not a very satisfying scenario, is it?

Now this is just ordinary bedroom sex im talking about here. What if we add a little bondage and sm into it?

Your partner spends 15mins trying to tie you up in an erotic but fuckable position. He then starts doing some moderate s&m things to you and you start to get aroused.

From the expression of your face and constant moaning, he flops his dick out and pretends to rape you. Well, he's really just fucking you as its a mutual thing.

Because you're pretending to be raped, so you expected a good rough fuck where you will be forced to cum. Then just as you're about to hit that spot. He couldn't help but cums before you.


How frustrating is that?

Thats why i no longer need a men anymore, especially knowing that the fucking machine and a variety of strapons has already been invented.

Anyway, i was just trying to illustrate a point and that is that most men are not good at making women cum simply by fucking them. They need extra toys to do that.

So bondage fucking is not necessary a men's thing. Any women can put on a strap-on and fuck the brains out of another girl...or maybe even a guy if you know what i mean...hehe!

But only when the machine is used, you can finally understand the feeling of being raped (pretending) and forced penetration until you can cum no more.

Now, talk about satisfaction!

A machine don't stop....haha!

So, if you want to see hot looking girls in bondage and getting fuck by a machine. is the only place you can find it.

For this reason, i'll give this a 92/100 and they also have movies where no bondage is involved. Just the girl and the fucking enjoy!

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P.S i seriously have been craving for these type of videos for a while. Most of the forced orgasms movies online, you'll find only use sex toys like the hitachi magic ward...which is really getting kinda boring if you ask me.

Reviewed by angela xox!

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