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Important To Your Safety..
This time lock is a MUST for anyone who wants to practice self bondage safely.

Yes, i'm talking about your safety!

My advice is if you don't use this, DON'T practice self bondage AT ALL !!!

Buzz in selfbondage...
Orgasm Orgasm and more Orgasm...

This magic wand is the ultimate stimulation that no men has ever matched!

Imagine you're tie up in bondage with this thing wrap secure and buzzing between your legs...

Oh my gosh....i'm now wet thinking about it!

Selfbondage fucking...
This fucking machine is a MUST if you want to know the true meaning of bondage orgasm. I mean, being bound and fuck by that thing is sensation to the next level!

This is properly why i don't need a men anymore.

Yes Mistress! I'm your lesbian slave who loves being tied up. Here's how i got myself hogtied and fucked by this fucking machine for 2 amazing hours...

Mistress Favourite !!!
She loves to use this on me.....and it makes both of us crazy! The good part is, it doesn't need any harness to keep it in place.

Whenever we have a lesbian bondage party....this cute little toy will be the star of the show.

I even used this on a men once (just once) and i must say, i kinda felt sorry for him....But he seems to love it!

I'm not sure if this is true...but they say that men's ass is about as sensative as women's vagina...

Oh gosh....what am i going on about, i love anal too! How about this! I'm tied up by my mistress without any other gear but ropes! Hands behind my back and legs hogtied hanging in the air. Now, madam starts her anal punishment on me while enjoying the vibration herself.....Arrrhhh!!!

Do you like SelfBondage?

Yes Mistress, i'm your lesbian bondage slave and here's how i got my self hogtied....and fucked for 2 amazing hours!

...There was nothing i can do...

Nothing gets me more excited than being tied up with no way to escape. (Yes! I love tight!)

Being totally bound up and expose triggers my deepest sexual hormones, making me so hot and horny! At the same time, being out of control takes all my worries away....which makes me extremely sexy!

Self bondage has always been a secret fetish of mine. It started when i was about 14 years old. One day, I was playing with some ropes by myself and out of curiousity, i started tying my legs together.

I wasn't sure exactly why, but after the very first body begins to react with unexpected excitment and i couldn't help myself but tie other parts of my body.

Back then, i had no idea where this excitment came from, nor why i'm having these intense sexual feeling being tied up, but it's become a "secret bondage game" of mine ever since...

Now that i'm thinking about it, it was a very fun......terrifying, but yet satisfying experience.

Don't ask me what happened!

You don't want to know...

What.....You do?

Why don't i tell you about my recent self-bondage story instead?

You should know that I haven't been doing selfbondage for a while. Not that i don't like it or enjoy it anymore....

I just don't need it! I mean....My mistress is there to take care of me, but most importantly....This activity is just too dangerous (now that i'm thinking about it deep)!

Why do Self Bondage?

Seriously, if you're into this activity like i am.......It should always be taken with EXTREME PRE-CAUTIONS!

YES! People do die from this habbit!

This goes for both male and female who even want to think about attempting self bondage!

Fortunate enough, I do have a few bondage partners (Love you all!) and in case you're wondering....I'm 80% lesbian.....well, let's just say i prefer doing it with sexy girls.

Anyway, like i said....i don't encourage people to do self bondage, but i do understand when people have those needs and that's why i created this website. Hopefully, i will be able to point out the safety issues as well as share my private experience with you in this fetish.

So...who am i?

I'm just a lesbian bondage slave who's sharing my selfbondage experience.

Am i getting you hot?

Are you getting wet....or hard (hmmm...)

If you ask me, i'll say go find yourself a mistress or a bondage partner. (There are many people out there who are willing to explore your bondage and bdsm fantasy....and you will love every minute of it!)

Yes! I'm being honest....and it's so much better than self bondage!

If you don't know where to search for that partner....well, how about me?

But what if you can ???

Yes, there is a sexy mistress or a bondage master waiting to dominate you and fullfill all your bondage desires.

The best part is....they could be living just a 15 minutes drive away from you.

It doesn't matter if you're straight, into lesbian bondage like me, or whatever....i'm sure you will find your match!

I'm in there too...find me if you can...haha!

Anyway, i'm having a All Girls BDSM Party over here later.......My Lovely Chain Sisters will be coming over and I heard my mistress have got a surprise for me.

Oh i can't enjoy my website and hopefully, it'll benefit you in your exploration in this fun and exciting activity!

With Love,

Angela XOX

P.S By the case you need some enhancements to add to your self bondage session. Here's a really good site...

P.S.S Hmmmm....Maybe i shouldn't recommend that site to you, because it's going to make you extremely horny....

Disclaimer: By reading this page, you agree that you're over 18 years of age (21 in some countries) and you do not find nudity, sex, bondage, self bondage, Lesbian bondage and bdsm activities offensive. Everything you read on this page are based on personal opinions and recommendations. All self bondage techniques, story and ideas you found on this website as well as bondage gears shown here are for your entartainment purpose ONLY. If you try anything found on this website or through external links. You do so at your own risk! Always remember! SAFETY FIRST!

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