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My Favourite Bondage Gear

Oh yes, i do have a fair collection of bondage gear. What did you expect? I love bondage and bdsm too much!

Self Bondage Time Lock

This is the best self bondage gear out there! All you need to do is fill it up with water and freeze it. The lock will seperate apart once the ice melts inside. The beauty of this selfbondage gear is that you can easily lock it to your wrist and ankle's the perfect self bondage gear. Get this time lock, otherwise don't practice self bondage at all!

You can get one right here!

Leather Wrist Cuff / Ankle Cuff

These leather wrist and ankle cuffs are ideal bondage gear for any occasion. They're lockable and can be attach together, or to anywhere you choose. Perfect to use with the self bondage time lock. They are very tough and extremely comfortable to wear.

Bondage Rope

I love being tied up with bondage rope. There are just so many positions you can do. Every knot my mistress ties triggers my sex hormones making me so hot and horny. Yes mistress, i'm a lesbian who loves tight rope bondage

Stockrade with fucking rod

My lesbian mistress bought this for me on my birthday. I was lock up by it the very same night. My misstress held a surprise lesbian bondage party for me and invited three of her friends over. They each took turns spanking my ass 26 times ( you know my age). While one of them spanked me, the other one fucks me using the rod. Each time my misstress spanks me she says "Happy Birthday Slut".....and I must reply...Thank you my goddess!

My Favourite BDSM Toys

Whenever we have a bondage session, i'm usually the submissive, that's why i do have a few favourite bdsm toys which i would like to share with you.

Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Oh gosh....whenever i have these nipple clamps on, i get really horny. The vibration stimulates my nipples and the clamp reminds me how hard and puff they are. You can even use it whenever you do self bondage.

Leather Flogger

I was ball gaged and tied up standing during one of our bondage sessions and my mistress put clothespins all over my body. Ouch! Ouch! That was only the start, then she use this 24 inch flogger and flogged me until all the clothespin came off.

Here's what happened!

Ring Gag

This is one of my favourite mouth gag. It is safe for self bondage (In case you vomit) and is perfect for a mistress and slave sessions as well. My misstress put this ring gag on me the other day and made me drink whatever she gives me and if i drip any....i get punish!

Why is a ring gag better for self bondage?

My Favourite Sex Toys

Here are some of my favourite sex toys. I love to be tied up and bound by my mistress while she uses these sex toys on me and force me to orgasm.

Fucking Machine

This is no doubt the best invention ever! Robot fucking machine giving me deep penetration each and everytime. You can use this amazing sex toy in your self bondage sessions as well......just use your imaginations!

My self bondage story using the machine!

Hitachi Magic Wand

This toy is absolutely amazing......The Hitachi magic wand will buzz you all the way to orgasm. This sex toy can be use in your selfbondage sessions as well.....why not?

Feeldoe (Strap on)

This is the best strap on couple could ever wish for. This sex toy was created by a woman for woman. It's harness free! My misstress loves to use this on me when i'm in tight lesbian bondage. I even used this on a guy once.....and i must say i kinda felt sorry for him....but he seems to love it!

Butterfly Kiss

This sex toys is one of my favourite, i called it the butterfly kiss. Basically, it's a remote control vibrator that looks like butterfly undies. My mistress makes me wear this cute sex toy whenever we go out. She likes the fact that she can control my horny mood swing in public places. Watch out because the butterfly kiss will kiss you real good!

Here's where i get my gears and toys!

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