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The Self Bondage Dare!

Today, as usual...i'm all by myself at home trying to think about what i'm going to do within the next 4 hours.....well, until my mistress comes back.

Before i even had time to react to my thoughts, my mistress called...

"Yes, my mistress", i answered through my wireless headphone.

Her first words were, "How are you my little slave? Nice to know that you haven't disobeyed my orders and sneak out of the house while i'm gone. So, for this i'm going to reward you with a task. In fact, i wouldn't called it a task. Let's just say i have a self bondage dare for you. Now, are you listening to me???

"yes, mistress", i quicky replied.

"Good! Now the dare is that i want you to do a self bondage on yourself according to my instructions! Now, you must follow every details i say or when i come home, you're gonna get it! So, do you understand me? You dirty stupid slut!!!"

"Yes, my adorable mistress", i answered

"Ok...the dare is i want you to go into your room, open up our bondage closet and take out the gear bag! Now open up the bag and take out the handcuffs, the nipple clampes, the ropes, the blindfold, as well as the butterfly kiss panty. Now, don't get wet yet, because i haven't told you what i want you to do with it.

You're going to first get undress and i do mean fully undress, that includes your bra and panties. Next, you're going yo put on the butterfly kiss panty and don't you dare turn it on yet!

Now, you're going to get onto our bondage bed (yes, we recently bought a bondage bed for about $3500, it's very strong, reliable, lots of fun, but most importantly it's inescapable!) and above you just underneath the middle steel bar, you will see a candle wax holder with a candle inside.

I want you to light it up and immediately hogtie both your legs. Then, i want you to tie one piece of rope around each of your knee and they are to fixed to each of the bars towards the end of the bed. Both left and right bar and tie it up until your breast is just underneath the hey, are you following me?" she asked,

"Yes i'm doing exactly as you said my mistress and the candle wax is starting to drip down on me. Ouch!", i replied

"Good girl, that means you're listening. once your legs are fixed, i want you to lay down on your back and then put on your nipple clamps. I know the hot wax are starting to drip as i can hear you squirming, but you have some other task ahead of you. So stay focus!

Now i want you to put a piece of rope between the chain of the clamps and tie it to the metal bars above your head. Stretch those nipples, so you know you won't be able to wiggle too much. Ok, you have been doing a fantastic job, so now i will reward you by giving you the permission to turn on your vibrating undie."

"Arrhhh, Arrrhhhhhh", i began to moan as the vibration started to kick in.....and not to mention the hot droplets of wax that are dripping on my breast at the same time."Now, did i hear you moan there....slave? don't get too excited just yet, because you haven't been fully restrained yet. Now put on that blindfold and take those cuffs and handcuff yourself to the front bar of the bed.", She ordered.

So, i followed her instructions and before i know it, i have accomplished the self bondage dare that was put upon me....or did i thought i had....because as far as i'm concern, the dare challenge really just got started.

The steaming hot wax were continiously dropping down my pair of naked tits and as i struggle around, the clamps are pulling harder on my sore nipples, and the vibrator in my panty...oh my god!!! Arrhhhh!! I think i just came!!

"Excuse Me! Through this cordless ear piece you are wearing on you, i can listen to every sound you're making. Now, did you just fucking come???", Chanta asked with a hinch of anger.

(chanta is the nickname i called my mistress by the way...we got it from a professional domme named Chanta and she has a website called the Chanta's Bitches)

"Oh yes...arrhhhh...i'm sorry my mistress...i couldn't help it.....the pain...the vibration..arrrhhhh!!", i replied as i tried to cope with the pain and pleasure.

"Now, listen up you dirty whore, i have a female client to meet within the next half an hour, now i'm going to keep this ear piece on me which means i'm going to hear every bit of pathetic sounds you make. Now this meeting is really important and there are good money on the table, so if you scream or moan too loud and disturb me in my meeting, I'm gonna really fix you up...NOW Don't You Dare Ruin It....DO YOU HEAR ME????", She commanded.

" my mi..sstress!", i replied.

Before i realized, she was already talking with her client. I can hear them on the wireless headset. I tried to control my moaning by taking deep breaths, but the wax was really getting too much and my breathing was getting faster and gaster.

The intensity of this selfbondage dare was getting too much (Thanks to the candle that i lit earlier on), i couldn't help but keep on struggling my body and as i do so.....the clamp on my left breast suddenly just came on.....OUCCCHHHH!!! I screamed helplessly!

"cough...Cough**!" i heard through my ear piece and i knew it was a sign from my mistress telling me to shut the fuck up.

So, i tried very hard to contain my voice again while coping with the stinging heat on my chest and the continuous vibration on my clit, but this time it was the vibration that got me screaming.

"Arrrhhhhh....Oh my goddd.....ARHHHHHHHHHH...OOOUCCCCHHHHH!!!!" I came so hard that the other clamp that was attached to my right nipple came off.

Both the pain and pleasure was hitting me at the same time! There was nothing i can do besides to enjoy it!

"SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!!! You pathetic little bitch!" my mistress shouted silently through her phone.

"I had to come to the toilet away from my client, because you were making too much noise on me. Now, what did i specifically asked from you?? She questioned

"I....I....I'm trying....mistress.." I replied breathlessly.

"You have now disturbed me in my meeting and because of this, i have to say that you have failed my dare. I was thinking about coming home as soon as i'm done with this client and because you have disturbed my concentration. I think i'm gonna have to go do some shopping and maybe have some high tea before i think about coming back home for you. This will surely lower the stress level that you have given me.

"Please.....mistress...please come back now...i'm......", before i even had the chance to finish my plead, my mistress had hanged up on me.

Oh now, my whole upper body is covered in wax. Thankfully, the clamps had come off so i had more space to position my chest area to a spot where it's more copable.

The day continued on...and i had no idea how many hours (i think it was around 3 ) i had been left there. The candle had certainly burnt out and i certainly lost count as to how many orgasms i had either. All i know was that i really enjoyed the self bondage dare and certainly don't mind trying it again sometime.

Of course...that's up to Chanta, My Queen...hehe!

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