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The other day, i happened to stumbled on this video site and to my surprise, all the photos and movie previews inside this website are specially focused on selfbondage.

This was rather new to me and i was so happy someone finally puts some thoughts into this.

I mean, i have been waiting for something like this to appear on the net for a while.

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I've seen so many BDSM related movies, but this is the first time anything like this appeared before my eyes. The models...well, most of them i've never seen before which i find quite fresh.

But nothing overcomes the thrills of watching a women putting herself in bondage. That's right....these beautiful ladies shows you how it's done from start to finish!

In fact, they have the right equipments, tools, gears and toys to make self bondage look easy! You will find ropes, pulley, handcuffs and much more....including stuff that i've never seen before.

One handy hardware caught my eyes though and i must's probably the best device any self bondage lovers can dream of. It's similar to the self bondage time lock, except it doesn't require water and ice.

From the look of it, it's like a magnetic plate, a device that releases itself after a certain time period. I think the user can actually pre-set the time they want the magnet to hold and the device will never release unless the time is due.

A metal plate is use to attach to the locking device and as long as they're not connected, the model can prepare for their set (putting on nipple clamps, pussy clamps, ball gag...etc) before they are totally locked down. The plate connects to the wrist restraint, chain or whatever and the plate goes onto the magnet.

Anyway, if you ask me what i think about the movies. Well, i won't say i'm totally thrill as most of the bondage sets are rather loose. I mean, with the equipment they have, i'm sure they can make it more restrictive or tighter.

This way, when other enhancements are in place. For example...the fucking machine or the spanking machine ('ve got to see this one!), the girl won't have much room to move, except taking on the pain and pleasure she gets herself into.

Besides that, the atmosphere of the shoots from start to finish makes these video clips enjoyable to watch. Most of the female models are rather nice and if not gorgeous, so no complaints there.

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If you ask me to give it a rating...i'll probably give it a 92/100! If only the bondage scenes were abit more restrictive and sligtly tighter, i would have given it a better score...but hey....why should i complain?

Afterall, we all know how hard selfbondage is....right?

I mean....where else can i find these type of materials anyway...NO WHERE! So for just $24.95 per month. I think it's definitely worth it!

Reviewed By Angela XOX!

P.S If you're looking for new ways and ideas to practice self bondage, then this may be the best thing you ever get your hands on. Remember! These girls actually shows you how it's done from START to FINISH performing "Step-By-Step"and you'll be viewing it like an instructional video (except it's really a porn so it's 10 times more eroctic), you will be watching these sexy girls putting themselves in restraints and forced to cum!

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