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Important To Your Safety..
This time lock is a MUST for anyone who wants to practice self bondage safely.

Yes, i'm talking about your safety!

My advice is if you don't use this, DON'T practice self bondage AT ALL !!!

Buzz in self bondage...
Orgasm Orgasm and Orgasm...

This magic wand is the ultimate stimulation that no men has ever matched!

Imagine you're tie up in bondage with this thing wrap secure and buzzing between your legs...

Oh my gosh....i'm now wet thinking about it!

Self bondage fucking...
This fucking machine is a MUST if you want to want to know the true meaning of bondage orgasm. I mean, being bound and fuck by that thing is sensation to the next level!

This is properly why i don't need a men anymore.

Yes Mistress! I'm a lesbian who loves bondage. Here's how i got myself hogtied and fucked by this fucking machine for 2 amazing hours...

Lesbian Bondage !!!
This is the best strap on any lesbian can ever wish for.....the best part is, you don't need any harness to keep it in place.

Whenever we have a lesbian bondage party....this cute little toy will be the star of the show.

I even used this on a men once and i must say, i kinda felt sorry for him....But he seems to love it!

I'm not sure if this is true...but they say that men's ass is about as sensative as women's vagina...

Do you have any selfbondage stories you like to share with me and my visitors? Email me and i might put it up here...

* Please note that we take privacy very seriously, so when you send us your stories, your private information including your full name and email address will not be published, sell, nor rent to any third parties. Only your story submitted will be published on this site and you may choose a nickname for yourself too.

NEW* The Self Bondage Dare that my mistress gave me!

Here's my self bondage story

After what seemed to be the worst day of my life (Let's not get into it...ok?), i needed to get home quickly!

No particular reason....just wanted to get away from the real world for a i called up my mistress.....but no one answered!

Oh gosh, i so needed someone to punish me!

( Picture from Perfect Slave )

Hang on....i almost forgot!

I left the self bondage time lock in the fridge. I bought it about a week ago and still haven't had the chance to try it yet. I can really put it to good use today. So i took the the wrist cuffs, the bondage ropes and my fucking machine (I called it the Mars Bar) out of my closet.

I began to undress........and...........then hop into the shower.
(I needed a hot shower first, What were you thinking?)

After i got out of the tub....i looked at the clock and it said 4:15pm. According to the instructions....the self bondage time lock will come off by itself in approx. 2 hours.......that means i will have 2 hours to play with myself before i regain my freedom.

Oh this is gonna be so good!

Ok.....where and how am i going to do this?

Got any suggestions?

I know, how about on the table?

I have a big know!

What would you say if i hogtied myself on the table while the fucking machine thrush me until i can cum no more?

You know what, I don't need your advice....this is my time and this is exactly what i'm gonna do.

So...I start by positioning my "Mars Bar" (My fucking machine) on top of the table torwards the end. I made sure that it was pointing to the right direction (Where my wet pussy's gonna be tied up late). I attached it securely to the table legs using lots of ropes to ensure it won't move when i struggle later know, just in case i have an ultimate orgasm.

Oh....I'm getting soo wet.

Then I wrap another rope underneath the table and around the fucking machine to make sure that later on when i hogtie my legs, i won't be able to get away from the machine.

Then i lay on the table to try out the position.

Seems right!

Then i layed down on my back and started to tie my legs together until similar to this.

( Picture from Society SM )

Then i flipped myself over and struggled to position myself right where it feels good (Yes....I slided the dildo into my vagina). Now....would you like to turn it on?

You wish !

Back to the story...I then turned on the fucking machine to make sure it was going to give me a good fuck. Oh gosh....yes!

I turned it off (Just for now) and then pulled the rope that was wrapped around the fucking machine my inner thigh. Did the same for my other thigh and tied the knots. Now....i'm fully secured to the fucking machine. The only way i can struggle is backward towards the dildo.

You like that, don't you?

I turned the machine on again to make sure it was giving me that same deep fuck. Oh we go again....yes YES !!!

STOP! I'm not fully in bondage yet!

My hands are still free!

So i put my leather wrist cuffs on.....and in case you're wondering, they look something like this.

I'm ready to lock my wrist cuffs together. However, before i do it, i'm going to turn on the fucking machine at full speed!

WoooOhoooo yes! YES !

"CLIP" "CLIP!" the locks are on...i'm now fully tied up in hogtied bondage....while being penetrated....FAST at the same time....Oh Gosh....YES....OH YES!!

I'm struggling and moaning as i'm hopelessly fucked!

After about 15mins, i came really hard.....ARRRRHHHH!!

But the machine didn't stop, i couldn't reach the i'm starting to regret why i turned it on at full speed.

Oh Oh.....Oh....Oh......ArrhhHH!

Oh please, somebody please help me!

I'm in tight wrist cuffs wouldn't come off until the time is up.....i couldn't untie my legs until my wrist cuffs are off.....there was nothing i can do!

As the machine keep thrushin me at full speed, i can feel the juices running down my inner thigh...Oh i so dripping wet....Arh....Oh..Gosh.....YEs!

I'm trying to hold myself....but i just can't!

ArrrHHHHHH!!!! I cum again!

I didn't know how much longer i can take this.......suddenly.....i heard somebody at the door.....oh no, my mistress just walked in.....she has the keys!

( To Be Continued)

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Here are some self bondage techniques!

Why do self-bondage?

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