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Important To Your Safety..
This time lock is a MUST for anyone who wants to practice self bondage safely.

Yes, i'm talking about your safety!

My advice is if you don't use this, DON'T practice self bondage AT ALL !!!

Buzz in self bondage...
Orgasm Orgasm and Orgasm...

This magic wand is the ultimate stimulation that no men has ever matched!

Imagine you're tie up in bondage with this thing wrap secure and buzzing between your legs...

Oh my gosh....i'm now wet thinking about it!

Lesbian Bondage !!!
This is the best strap on any lesbian can ever wish for.....the best part is, you don't need any harness to keep it in place.

Whenever we have a lesbian bondage party....this cute little toy will be the star of the show.

I even used this on a men once and i must say, i kinda felt sorry for him....But he seems to love it!

I'm not sure if this is true...but they say that men's ass is about as sensative as women's vagina...

Self bondage story Part 2

Yes! My mistress has caught me in the act and i wasn't in the position to get out either! I was basically tied up in self bondage as a slave meat for my punish hungry mistress. That's right, she was pretty angry!

I guess it had something to do with eager. Afterall, if i needed someone to tie me up and fuck me mistress is there, but by letting her caught me in my self bondage act. It shows disrespect and it certainly got her pretty mad.

However, i wasn't in any position to complain either.....nor could i struggle off my self bondage time lock. So here she comes...

"You're a naughty slave aren't you? You just can't live without being in bondage...can't little dirty slut" She said,

With my gag on, all i could do was moun and especially with the fucking machine pounding me at the same time, i cum once again...

My clits are so sensitive by now and with my mistress watching me.....i was literally begging her to help me out.

"You wish to get out, don't you? You wish....haha!!!" she said as she walks towards my room to get even more fetish gears.

"You're lucky i came here early...otherwise, your pussy is going to be so fucking loose...i don't think i'll have the ampetite to look at it."

Arrhhh...ohhhh..arrrrhhhh was my only response...

Suddenly, just as i was about to explode into another orgasm....the machine has stopped!! "Oh THANK YOU!!!!", as i shout with barely no breath left.

But was that the end....Oh No, just got started...

I knew things won't be so easy and knowing that my mistress wouldn't let me catch my breath. She pushed the whole table with me on top to where there's hooks on the ceiling so she can restrict me even more.

With my hands behind my back and in perfect mistress started to tie my elbows together. (Obviously, This was one self bondage technique i couldn't do by myself.)

Now she stares at the self bondage lock that i bought.

"What The Fuck Is This???" She asked,

At that point, i was pretty ashame...i mean, there's really nothing much special about this bondage device, besides the fact that it will allows me to practice self bondage very safely.

What my mistress does to me on the other for REAL!!!

So...bad investment i thought, since i have my own mistress to take care of me.

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Now...back to the story.

So, after she tied me up to the ceilings. She took out the candle! Oh I knew it and looking at her painfully as i struggle against the elbow tie.

She starts pouring hot wax onto my butt. Arrrhhhhh....those tinkling and yet painful sensations are getting my blood flowing and as more drops of wax are coming down near my bum cheeks, i couldn't help but scream!!! Even though i have my gag on....but trust me, i did make some serious noise.

Now, the wax are being poured onto my back and i'm thinking that my mistress is somehow going for the most sensitive areas of my skin.

"You deserve this! You little slut! Who gave you permission to practice self bondage...WHO???" she saids, as she drops even more wax....ARRHHHHHHH!!!

By now, my bum and my back is so sore that tears are starting to run through my eyes.

Yes, the pain are hitting me bit by bit and adding up gradually...

My body begins to shake in unexpected excitment and i can sense that i'm about to explode in an ULTIMATE ORGASM!!!

To Be Continued...

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