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Important To Your Safety..
This time lock is a MUST for anyone who wants to practice self bondage safely.

Yes, i'm talking about your safety!

My advice is if you don't use this, DON'T practice self bondage AT ALL !!!

Buzz in self bondage...
Orgasm Orgasm and Orgasm...

This magic wand is the ultimate stimulation that no men has ever matched!

Imagine you're tie up in bondage with this thing wrap secure and buzzing between your legs...

Oh my gosh....i'm now wet thinking about it!

Self bondage fucking...
This fucking machine is a MUST if you want to want to know the true meaning of bondage orgasm. I mean, being bound and fuck by that thing is sensation to the next level!

This is properly why i don't need a men anymore.

Yes Mistress! I'm a lesbian who loves bondage. Here's how i got myself hogtied and fucked by this fucking machine for 2 amazing hours...

Lesbian Bondage !!!
This is the best strap on any lesbian mistress can ever wish for.....the best part is, you don't need any harness to keep it in place.

Whenever we have a lesbian bondage party....this cute little toy will be the star of the show.

I even used this on a men once and i must say, i kinda felt sorry for him....But he seems to love it!

I'm not sure if this is true...but they say that men's ass is about as sensative as women's vagina...

Self Bondage Techniques

Ok...listen up!

Last month....I found some self bondage videos on the internet and you may learn some new techniques from them. Check it out when you have time!

You may be happy to know that I have been playing with the self-bondage time lock recently and with it....i was able to get in some of the positions i never thought possible! On this page, i have written some of the techniques i used with the time lock to restraint myself for pleasure.


Picture from Society SM

Bondage Gear used for this technique.

1) Bondage Rope
2) Leather Wrist Cuffs
3) Self Bondage Time Lock
4) Ring Gag ( Optional )
5) Fucking Machine ( Optional )

This can be easily done if you have above bondage simply start by laying on your backside. Then you bend your ankle to your inner thigh......then tie the ropes around it making it secure and tight!

Then you do the same with the other leg (While on your backside). Now....once both of your legs are tied may flip yourself so that your chest will face downward.....and your foot bend towards your bum.

You're now half hogtied.......all you need now is put on your wrist cuffs......then lock them up together behind your back using the self bondage time lock.'re in fully tied up in hogtied bondage......and there will be nothing you can do until the time lock decides to let you go!

How's this selfbondage technique.......Cute?

Chair Bondage

Picture from CumBots

Bondage Gear used for this technique.

1) Bondage Rope
2) Leather Wrist Cuffs
3) Self Bondage Time Lock
4) Nipple Clamps (Optional)
5) Ring Gag ( Optional )
6) Magic Wand ( Optional )
7) Fucking Machine ( Optional )

Get your gears ready and start by sitting on the chair....then tie your left foot with ropes around the left chair leg. If you can, also tie your thigh or at least your knee to the the same for the other side.

Your legs should now be tied up to the chair and it's time to put on your nipple clamps (You may use clothpins instead).....and finally put your hands behind your back through the back poles on the chair.....then lock them up with the Self Bondage Time Lock!


You're now fully tied up on the chair and if you happened to use the magic wand or fucking machine in this exercise.....good luck!

How's these Self-Bondage technique......Hot?

Bedroom Bondage

Picture from Bondage Orgasm

Bondage Gear used for this technique.

1) Bondage Rope (4 seperate)
2) Leather Wrist Cuffs
3) Self Bondage Time Lock
4) Ring Gag ( Optional )
5) Nipple Clamps (Optional)
6) Fucking Machine ( optional )
7) Magic Wand ( Optional )

You will need to have bed post in order for you to use this technique. Start by laying on your bed and then stretch out your arms and legs to get a approx measure to the post. Once you have a rough may start tying noose knots on 3 seperate rope (on 1 end only).

Click Here for noose knot instructions

On the fourth rope, you tie one end to the self bondage time lock. If your bondage rope is too thick, you can tie the rope to a ring first and then lock it to the time lock.

Now, you're ready to tie the first pole, use a rope that has the noose knot on one end and then tie it around the left top post. Your left wrist will go through the noose knot attach to this pole.......later.

Now tie the rope that has the self bondage time lock, to the top right bed post. The time lock will be use to lock onto your right leather wrist cuffs .......later.

Use the remaining ropes to tie each end of the bed post where your legs will go. The noose knot on each end is where your ankles going to go......later

All done?

Now, slide your left ankle and pull the noose knot (It's always a good idea to wear a leather ankle cuff or something similar to prevent circulation blockage.). Then do the same with your other ankle.

Put on both your leather wrist cuffs because it's now time to lock your right wrist cuff to the time lock attached to the right bed post. Once you're will be need to decide if you're ready to give up freedom because as soon as you slide that left wrist into the noose knot and pull........There's nothing you can do until all the ice in the time lock melts.

Of course, you can use the magic wand, nipple clamps, gags and fucking machines with this technique....but make sure you can handle it!

How's this self bondage techniques......Getting Horny?

Why not find a bondage partner?

Self-bondage is fun, but wait till you have a partner to play with. You have yet to experience the real thrill in this activity!

Why do Self Bondage?

Disclaimer: By reading this page, you agree that you're over 18 years of age (21 in some countries) and you do not find nudity, sex, bondage, self bondage, Lesbian bondage and bdsm activities offensive. Everything you read on this page are based on personal opinions and recommendations. All self bondage techniques, story and ideas you found on this website as well as bondage gears shown here are for your entartainment purpose ONLY. If you try anything found on this website or through external links. You do so at your own risk! Always remember! SAFETY FIRST!

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