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Strict Restraint

This is a relatively new site featuring some of the most "uncomfortable" bondge styles and positions.

For me personally, i'm not really keen in these types of ideas and techniques as i enjoy my long sessions, so being too uncomfortable ain't gonna help my course.

Strict Restraint

Listen, i'm not entirely against it and i know alot of people who actually likes it. They look at it as part of slave training and testing their limits.

If that's the case, you will like this!

Click here to enter Strict Restrant!

Now, you may be wondering, isn't bdsm all about pain, torture, humiliation and all other kinky stuff that are outright uncomfortable?

Well, yes and no!

Being sadistic as most submissives are, you will tend to enjoy the painful experiences that your master or mistress gives. How painful and to what extent...that really depends on how much of a sadist you are and mutual agreement you setup for your session.

However, in's a totally different thing. It's about the feeling of helplessness, out of your control,uable to escape and loss of freedom. Anything else, that really depends on what you and your dominatrix desires are.

You see, some people in their nature just loves bondage. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that they're into sm, pain and all the other stuff.

I guess it's just like why some people like anal sex and others don't.

Anyway, let's get back to this website and if you have a look at some of these photos, you can see that their movies depends alot on dungeon furnitures, equipments, devices, gears and toys.

Now, these are rather expensive gears, so you can imagine how much money they have invested in the makings of these movies.

Not to mention the number of bondage models they already hired for their video shoots.

However, I wouldn't exactly call this one of my favorite as they are still fairly new and i believe there are still lots of room for improvement. Also, i think their bondage styles are somehow restricted because of the tools they use.

So, it looks pretty simple from the outside. I mean, anyone who has the big cash can easily copy their ideas and even produce their own movies iif they wanted to. Nothing too complicated or technical if you ask me. I think 'll give this site a 91/100.

Click Here to Enter Strict Restraint!

P.S To be honest, i'm not overly convinced about their subscription price base on the number of movies they currently have. But i can see that they are improving alot over the past couple of months and i believe it has alot to do with them listening to their member's feedbacks. So it is a great start, and that's the reason why i'm recommending it!

Reviewed By Angela XOX!

P.S.S Of course, these are just my personal opinions and i do have a couple of friends who actually likes their work. Like i said, it really depends on what your fetish desires are to decide whether you like it or not.

P.S.S.S Sorry, i'm getting abit talkative today but i just have to say this. That is, don't be fooled by the name of this site thinking that the bondage are tight and strict. I had that thought too the first time i landed there.

But then, after i watched a few of their movies. I finally understand what it means and why they chose this name for their site. Everything was beginning to make sense too.

But guess what? I'm not gonna tell you! You can lick me if you want, but i think it'll be more fun if i just let you find out yourself...haha!

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