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Water Bondage

Ever since i lay my eyes on this site, i knew i was gonna like it because it reminded me of what i used to do as a teenager.

That was, masturbating using my shower head.

Seriously, the sensation of having constant warm water running up your vagina is a feeling that no men can understand.


I don't know who actually came up with the concept of combining bondage with water forced orgasms. But whoever he or she is, they've done an amazing job.

The thing about water is that they can be use in the right way or the kinky way.

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As a teen, you tend to try and find ways to test your sexual limits. Because money and shame were an issue, so you wouldn't just head to an adult shop and buy yourself a vibrator or a dildo.

At the time, it just wasn't an option. So, you will try to find things in your own home that can make you feel good. These includes kitchen wares, beer bottles, fruits ( eg. cucumber) and so on.

But it wasn't until i discovered the fun inside my bathroom, that i actually become addicted to the concept of water masturbation.

Yes! I'm serious!!

You see, i used to have this shower head that allows me to switch water pressure from wide (weak) to focus (stronge) so that the water comes out like a pole or a dildo...haha!

The best thing about it was that the power head wasn't fixed at the top like most modern houses are. Its attached to a metallic hose which means i can move it to any part of my body. So you can imagine some of the wild things i used to do to myself.

Hmmm...I can still taste the orgasms from here...haha!


Have i ever tried self bondage and force myself to cum with water?

Actually i have, but back then my selfbondage skills wasn't that good so it didn't really work out as good as i wanted.

Plus the fact that i was living with my parents at the time, so i couldn't really occupy the bathroom for too long, if you know what i mean...hehe!

But i did try it a couple of time with my mistress and it was amazing. Even though we couldn't do as much as we wanted (due to limited gears, toys and water drains), but it was hell alot better than trying it by myself.

That's why i always recommend bdsm with a partner. It's just 10 times better! So, check out the bondage personals if you need one.

Anyway, let's get back to the waterbondage movies, shall we?

This is the only website online that you can find this particular fetish and they have done an incredible job too.

I mean, these guys have seriously use water to it's maximum potential. The ideas they can come up with and then implementing them into bondage and sm. Well, you just have to see it for yourself to believe.

Take a look at these pictures!

These sexy girls are having the time of their lives!

But i must say they have some of the most amazing dungeon gears, furnitures, toys and tools to make their bdsm ideas possible.

One of the eye catching one would be the human water tank where the slave gets bound helplessly inside the tank and then they fill up the tank to give the fear of drowning and sophicating to the girl.

Another one i should mention is the bondage wheel, where the submissive slave girl gets tied up on. The master or mistress then turns the wheel so the slave's head gets dunk into the water or out to catch some breath.

Cool, huh?

And what about the suspension equipment next to the swimming pool? The slave gets hogtied, frogtied, upside down or whatever and suspended on top of a pool.

Now this is something you can only see from their movies!

Oh....what else was i going to say...oh that's right! There's this popular and perhaps very famous porn star who came on to this site to satisfy a little bit of kinky desire inside her.

That's right! It's Aria Giovanni in bondage!

She's one of the hottest models alive and this movie alone is worth the subscription price of $29.95 and for this reason, i'm going to rate this a 93/100!

Click here to enter Water Bondage!

Reviewed by angela xox!

P.S Have you ever seen a dildo that has water flushing out of it? Well, you're going to see one right here! Just look at the reactions of the slaves when their clits gets abuse by h2o....yum!

P.S.S You may notice that this website no longer have updates since April last year. I think these guys are too busy setting up other new sites with totally different themes. But since they already have tons of movies sitting in the members area. Here's my money saving tips....subscribe once and download all the movies they have inside, then just cancel your membership.

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