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What is bondage ?

To me, bondage is about giving up control by being tied up or a way to gain sexual pleasure.

( Picture from Society SM )

While you're bondage, this is the moment in your life where you can truly get away from all things that normally requires you to control. since there aren't much you can do, you will become focus onto your needs. you....The feeling of helpless and is what bondage is all about!

Of course, you will want to do it with someone you trust.

I love being tie up, control and dominate by my mistress. I fully trust my mistress and i certainly don't think there's anything weird about wanting to submit to her.

To be honest.....I think every person have some kind of kink or fetish desires in them, however....most of them are just too afraid to admit it.

Picture this, you're home alone one day and a gorgeous girl named Carmen knocks on your door. She wanted to come in to use your bathroom. You let her in and the second she walks in, she blew smoke in your face and you fainted. When you woke up, you found yourself in tight rope bondage.

You're laying on the bed, ball gagged and your arms and legs are tied to each bed post. There was nothing you can do to get yourself out. Suddenly, Carmen comes into the room and looks at you as you struggled against the tight ropes. She's dressed in leather top and tight mini skirt with high heels.

As she stares at your helpless eyes.....She took a collar in her hands and slowly walks towards you.

Getting excited?


That means....You like bondage!

You see, when you're tie up and restrainted in bondage, there are many things to fantasize about!

I love being tie up by my mistress, as soon as i lose control....there's nothing in the world that would get to me.

Why? Because i don't belong to myself anymore...

I belong to my mistress!

Find your own misstress today!

Disclaimer: By reading this page, you agree that you're over 18 years of age (21 in some countries) and you do not find nudity, sex, bondage, self bondage, Lesbian bondage and bdsm activities offensive. Everything you read on this page are based on personal opinions and recommendations. All self bondage techniques, story and ideas you found on this website as well as bondage gears shown here are for your entartainment purpose ONLY. If you try anything found on this website or through external links. You do so at your own risk! Always remember! SAFETY FIRST!

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