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BDSM Relationships - Wives and Husbands? Boyfriends and Girlfriends?

Oh god...i just wish my wife would dominate me and have some MAD FUN bondage....spicing up our love life!

Are you getting this feeling somtimes?

Regardless of the sex or gender you are....or which position you play in your relationships. One is usually more dominate than the other.

This is normal for many couples....Even if you're in a same sex relationship (like me....lesbian...or gay if you're a men)


You know what, a friend of mine once told me that her boyfriend is kinda resenting to the whole concept of adding BDSM into their life. Obviously, she's not too happy and the only way she could get off sometimes is by self bondage. Being a girlfriend of his was hard....especially if the girl is into bondage, but the partner doesn't want to participate.

But i guess you know where this relationship leads....that's right....they broke up!

That's what i learned alot too from my bondage party group, many of them tend to play this little game by themselves because they're afriad that once their partner finds out, their relationship can go dead!

Now, this is pretty bad for married couples...especially for the men because the husband is usually the one hiding the secret feeling from their wives. but of course there are some lucky ones or shall i say lucky matches that are extremely happy with their BDSM relationship!

Did you know that BDSM husband and wife relationships tend to last longer...?

Despite every other daily needs are satisfied....with the spice of some kinky help into the sex life....these relationships probably last forever!

Seriously, anyone who's into BDSM will know how hard it is to find a perfect partner to play this game together...and once you find's probably unwise to let go!

Afterall, working and living a normal live is one thing.....having the GREATEST SEX LIFE and taking it to the NEXT LEVEL is a totally different culture!

So, if you have been desiring a relationship like this with your love ones. It's always best NOT to hide it!!! But at the same time, you should NOT force it upon your partner.

The best way to start is slow and easy....get into the light stuff first and see if your partner likes it. If things work out great that you will evenutally get into the harder stuff.

If your partner loves it! Then, CONGRATULATIONS! because you have strike GOLD and your sex and now new BDSM life will never be better!

Of course, this is a game of TRUST! Therefore, please only get into this activity with someone you trust!

So why do self bondage?

Disclaimer: By reading this page, you agree that you're over 18 years of age (21 in some countries) and you do not find nudity, sex, bondage, self bondage, Lesbian bondage and bdsm activities offensive. Everything you read on this page are based on personal opinions and recommendations. All self bondage techniques, story and ideas you found on this website as well as bondage gears shown here are for your entartainment purpose ONLY. If you try anything found on this website or through external links. You do so at your own risk! Always remember! SAFETY FIRST!

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