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My first "Scary" Self Bondage Experience!

I will never forget the day when something went wrong in my horror self tie session.

It was no doubt the scariest thing i ever experienced.


Not that I put myself in any danger or anything, as i know that my parents will be there to help me. (Yes, i did it in my own bedroom).

But the truth is.....i was so afraid of getting caught!

Yes! It would have been the most shameful thing getting caught in self bondage by your parents.

I don't know about you, but it surely scared the hell out of me.

Not to mention my younger brother and the smartass comments he'll make when he finds out.'s what happened.

That day, i had a lovely dinner with my family and as soon as i finished....i headed straight to my bedroom.

I was so tired (You know how it is after dinner) so i just lay on my bed and chilled.

After 15mins of microsleep, i woke up and the first thing i saw were the bars or post around my bed. I knew my desires were rushing up. I just knew i had to tie myself up!

Back then, the only bondage gear i had were ropes and probably a pair of scissors. But since i did know how to tie a noose wasn't too hard to tie myself to the bed.

I had four seperate pieces of ropes so i tied one to each end of the bed post. The noose knot was ready so that i could slip my hands and feet in later.

I made sure i couldn't reach my arms with my mouth, so that i couldn't bite anything off. The scissors were placed where i could "just" reach it.

Everthing was ready, so i slide both of the feet into the loops and then pulled to tighten up. (Shouldn't pull too tie, as the more you pull...the tighter it gets).

Anyway after i had both my hands in...i started struggle abit as this feeling is something i really enjoy and i'll always struggle to ensure i get that feeling.

But guess what?

I accidentally knock over my scissors

Oh shit!!

Yes, those were my exact words when the scissors fell on the floor.

I knew i was in trouble.....big trouble!

I was completely "Freaked Out"!

My parents were down stairs and my brother probably in the next room.

I wanted to scream for help, but the fear of getting caught in such shameful position prevented me doing so.

Then i begin to struggle really hard....really hard!

My hands were hurting as i pulled the noose knot even further. I knew if this don't work, i'll have no choice left but to call my parents.

Painfully, i kept struggling in bondage.

All of a sudden....the knot on my left hand came off! (Thanks to my inexperience at the time).

Yes! My left hand was free from bondage and i was able to untie myself.

You wouldn't believe how happy i was not getting caught in self bondage dreambook.

After this experience, i began very cautious when i practice my selfbondage techniques.

So...if you're going to do self bondage. Make sure you know there's a way out. My advice would be to use the self-bondage time lock.

Otherwise, you could put yourself in a very dangerous or shameful position!


Find your Bondage Partner!

This is what i always recommend!

Wouldn't you rather have a misstress to help you?

So why do self bondage?

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