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Self Bondage Time Lock - It could save your life and shame!

This is the ONLY self-bondage gear i saw on the market. Even though i'm not really into this activity anymore. I wanted to try it.

Here's where to get one!

So, i bought it the other day (Not cheap!) and tried it.

I must say, it was a really good release tool.

Here's my selfbondage story using the time lock.

Basically, you just fill it up with water and freeze it, and when you're ready to do some bondage. You just lock it on to your leather cuffs.

Of course, if you don't have leather cuffs, this lock might not be very useful for you.

You see, this time lock connects the cuffs together and once it's locked in, you will NOT be able to release it until the ice inside melts, which takes about 2 hours if you filled it up to it's full content.

I wanted to try it because i used to do selfbondage alot (until i met my lesbian mistress) and i have NEVER seen a release device like this.

Many selfbondage techniques have release mechanisms similar, but then risk is always there if you're not cautious. After i tried it, i must say this is the ONLY self-bondage gear i'll ever recommend!

I'm serious!

Otherwise, don't do self bondage at all!

You could put yourself in danger and it could be deadly!

If you read my bondage story, i actually used this lock with my fucking machine and it was probably the best self forced orgasm in my life!

And when my mistress caught me by surprise.....i was punished hard!

I must say i deserve it too!

Think about it!

She could have put me in the same position if i wanted to. I guess she had a feeling that she wasn't making me satisfied.

Well....not at all!

She keeps me very satisfied all the time !

I love every moment!

Like i said, i just wanted to try it and add it to my collection!

Sorry if i lost you there, i just wanted my mistress to know that in case she is reading this page.

Anyway, if you're going to practice self bondage, make sure you use this time lock....otherwise my personal advice is don't do it at all!

Here's where to get one!

So why do self bondage?

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